3 Skin Tips for Men

This week we speak to Claire, Manager of our Parnell Spa in Auckland about one of our popular men’s facials.

Mens skin can tend to be neglected but there are 3 easy skincare tips every man should follow:

Cleanse – Cleansing is just a fancy word for washing your face but cleansing is also the most single important thing you can do for your skin! It ensures the skin is left clean, healthy and clear but using the wrong cleanser can actually do the exact opposite. Throw those bars of soap away and invest in a foaming cleanser like Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser $85.00 to remove all traces of dirty and give that clean feeling without stripping the skin.

Moisturise – hot showers, cool winds and sun exposure can lead to a dry, dehydrated skin. Add shaving with that and not wonder why the skin becomes irritated! Using a simply lightweight moisturiser will help to lock moisture in the skin but help to balance the oily parts aswell. Bioelements Absolute Moisture $101 will last forever and give the skin the balance it needs.

Protect – You wouldnt enter the worksite without a helmet so why put your skin in danger everyday?! Not only do we need to protect the skin from harmful UV rays to prevent skin cancer there are some added bonuses that by protecting our skin it can make us look younger too! Even the exposure from a 20min run can cause the signs of skin ageing, protect it on a daily basis with Synergie UberZinc $159. With 21% Zinc oxide its a 2 in 1 SPF and moisturiser. Containing no chemicals the Zinc will protect, moisturise and heal irritation.

In our Spa, we have a facial specific to Men’s skin. Bioelements Mens Facial is 60mins of customized deep cleansing and exfoliation to target and banish breakouts, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Not only will skin feel smooth and radiant the body will feel relaxed with a firm pressure neck, shoulder and face massage because everyone deserves to feel pampered.

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