4 Tips to Steal the Skin Secret Celebrities Swear By

What do Molly Sims, Miranda Kerr, and Stacy Keibler all have in common? It’s not just their mile-long model legs, but the tool they use to keep them (and the rest of their bodies) smooth and glowing: a professional dry brush. One of the best-kept beauty secrets out there, dry brushing has been used for centuries to maintain smooth, healthy skin as well as increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and cell renewal. Today, it’s a technique used by skin care professionals in the treatment room and loved by celebs for its amazing results. But there’s good news for those who want glowing superstar skin for themselves – you can dry brush at home! Here are my top tips for stealing this celebrity skin secret for yourself.
  1. Dry brush every day before you shower. At first, it might seem tricky to fit into your daily routine, but dry brushing is perfect to do just before a shower – and it takes less than a minute.
  2. Dry brush in the morning. It not only revs up your skin, but you get an energy boost from it as well. A quick dry brush session before hopping in the shower is one of my favourite ways to start the day!
  3. Keep your dry brush dry. Your dry brush bristles MUST remain dry in order to effectively sweep away dulling skin. Wetting your dry brush can cause the bristles to become soft and less effective. There is a reason it’s called a “dry” brush – keep it that way!
  4. Follow through. One thing to remember when sticking to a daily dry brush routine is pairing the technique with a hydrating and nourishing cleanser and body lotion. Dry brushing gently exfoliates so skin is more able to absorb active ingredients in products you use afterwards. Choosing a cleanser like Bioelements Comfortably Clean gets skin sparkling and contains aromatic essential oils so skin stays smooth and hydrated. Follow up with an antioxidant moisturizer like Bioelements Extremely Emollient to keep skin hydrated all day.
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