5 ways to stay grounded – Emma Mildon

We are lucky enough to have guest post this week from Emma Mildon. International Best Seller Emma Mildon has been crowned by the Huffington Post as a “true millennial mystic leader” she is a spiritual activist and the international bestselling author of her book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and newly released Evolution of Goddess published with Simon and Schuster. Her work has been translated into 11 languages and has helped thousands of people exploring the world of spirituality. Emma writes for mindbodygreen, Huffington Post, Wanderlust, and for leading wellness magazines worldwide.

5 ways to stay grounded during the week

Easing back into your usual routine after a summer break can be challenging, am I right! If you are feeling the squeeze of daily life and seeking something to ease, rest, centre, and ground you we have 5 soul infused quick fixes to help you flow through your week.


This one is a go-to trick to helping you drop into yourself. Shift your attention to your breathing. Take slow, deep breathes that make your stomach expand. You may find after a few breathes you want to yawn, this is the calming and grounding affect we are looking for! When anxious or stress we tend to breath from our upper lungs, by focusing on slow and deep breathes you can shift your state so you have a calmer and more centred experience.


Taking some time-out for yourself, and your body can be a sure-fire way to help ground into your day. Find a massage therapist who calms you, and you feel comfortable with so you can be sure to have the experience literally melt those worries away. This ritual will literally lead you to your bliss!


Getting fresh air and amongst nature is one of the oldest ways in the book to ground. Wither you take a barefoot stroll along the beach, a swim, a walk through the trees, lay down on a field of grass, or simply slip your shows off and take a minute to feel the earth beneath your feet. Connecting to earth is grounding. You can sit in nature and meditate, brining that deep and slow breathing into play you learned earlier. See, you are becoming a grounding pro!


Stuck in an office or a meeting and feeling your eye twitch? There are lots of grounding modalities that can help you ground in the moment without the need for you to hug a tree in the middle of the office or meditate under your desk. The key with modalities is to find what suits and resonates for you wither it be a relaxing blend of essential oils rubbed into your pulse points when you feel stress, listening to music, holding onto or wearing a grounding crystal like Tiger Eye, Hematite, or Selenite, Yoga, exercise, acupuncture, acupressure…there is a long list of grounding tools waiting to be explored.


The one most of us are most guilty of skipping out on. You. Making yourself, your time, and your energy a priority. Truth is, when you take time to refuel and nurture yourself grounding comes hand-in-hand. And, when you feel rested and recharged everything and everyone benefits. So, not that you need permission, but give yourself a break! Take a minute to use any of these grounding tips and tools in your day to help you turn a good week into a great week.

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