5 Wellbeing Rituals For 2021.

Welcome to 2021! It’s at the beginning of each new year we reflect on the year that has been and goals we might like to work toward or habits we might like to improve.

At Forme Spa, we’re all about making time for YOU and ensuring that your health and wellbeing is a priority.

We’re rounding up five wellness rituals to inspire you for your year ahead.


  1. Add in a weekly Sunday ‘me-time’ routine.

There’s something special about the relaxed, calm feeling of a Sunday. Preparation for a new week starts the Sunday before, so give some time to yourself to rest, restore and relax. Some of our favourite me-time ideas include: taking a walk, enjoying a luxurious afternoon nap, reading a book, running a bath, cooking a delicious meal, taking the time to give yourself an at-home facial or luxe skincare routine and going to bed early. 

Some of our favourite luxe at-home treatment products include:

  • Beauty Sleep by Synergie – a pack that works the cosmeceutical bight shift. The ultimate anti-aging trio.
  • Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum by Biolements – an all-in-one youth serum with clinical strength retinol, peptides, CoQ10 to resist the signs of aging.
  • Derma Cellular Collagen Booster Cream by Babor – Hyaluronic acid complex and marine collage restructure the skin and lift it intensively from the inside. Leaves skin looking smooth and youthful.


  1. Apply SPF every morning, rain or shine.

SPF is a good idea for any day of the week. While many will only apply sunscreen during the height of summer – it’s important to apply sunscreen everyday, regardless of the weather forecast as ultraviolet rays are always around, independent of whether it’s hot or cold. Some of our favourite sun protection products include:

  • Uber Zinc by Synergie for face protection
  • Coola products for body sun protection.


  1. Switch your phone on flight mode for an evening.

In a world where we’re plugged in 24/7 – switching off and taking a moment just for yourself is most definitely a new luxury. Instead, use the time (free from distraction) to read a book, take a walk or cook a delicious healthy meal.


  1. Add in a Vitamin C serum or moisturizer.

Adding in a dose of vitamin C is what brings the glow. It’s a potent antioxidant that fights against free radicals that can cause aging. It also has the ability to reduce dark skin spots, even out skin tone and stimulate collagen production. What’s not to love?! Find this magical ingredient in some of our favourite products including:


  1. Treat yourself to a monthly massage.

Because you deserve it, and you deserve to pamper yourself regularly! We believe that nurturing yourself and taking time out to relax and care for your mind and body shouldn’t be something that happens just once in a while – it should be a regular thing. Give back to yourself this year with some time to unwind and recharge. Discover our BELONG spa memberships, and enjoy a treatment each month for as little as $55. Choose from our range of different memberships to suit your style here.


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