How seasonal changes can effect the skin

During seasonal changes our skin requires different things. Being aware that the change of seasons can have a bearing on the skin and its condition, but knowing what to do, could have long term benefits to a achieving a more healthier skin.

For instance, in the summer, due to more moisture in the atmosphere, it may be suitable to switch to a lighter-weight moisturiser, but as we approach winter, drier skin conditions battling with the affects from indoor heaters/air conditioning etc, may require heavier moisturisers and the addition of moisturising masks.  In addition, combining a powerful hydrating serum such as Bioelements Moisture x10 containing Hyaluronic acid can be invaluable.  This serum will not only make the skin look and feel remarkably hydrated, reduce the appearance of fine lines but rewards you with an incredible more youthful looking appearance. Now who doesn’t want that!

On another level, the winter season is the safest time to undertake a course of 3-6 treatments such as microdermabrasion, lactic and fruit acid peels to recover from the harsh realities of summer.  These treatments can help target congestion (often caused by sun blocks), hormonal congestion and pigmentation.  Fine lines and hydration can also be improved.  Following these treatments, the result is a more refreshed, revitalised and smoother skin to the touch.  Try our Charcoal Chemical Detox Peels, these are amazing!

Lastly, rebuilding the skins strength and resilience back after summer is paramount to slowing down the aging process.  We recommend undertaking several Babor Vit C Facials after any exfoliating treatments.  These facials are beautiful and relaxing and are a favourite with our clients.  The high strength Vit C Serum used in this facial (and continued use for home care), will help reduce pigmentation, help to ward off further pigmentation, but most importantly stimulate collagen production to regain much needed strength and support in the skin tissue.  This proven antioxidant is a must to have in everyone’s regime!


Tracey-Maree Jones
Forme Spa & Wellbeing

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