How to get the most from your massage


Let’s face it, getting naked on a massage table does put you in a vulnerable position.  Here’s some handy tips to make sure you are best prepared and get to relax and get the most from your massage.


  • Be clean – if possible shower before and be stubble free for a smoother massage.  Your therapist will thank you for it.
  • While we compress off the oil we use, it is best not to wear anything silky that could stain with oil residue
  • If you have an injury, make sure your therapist is aware of it.
  • Know what you want – if you have extreme muscle tension/sports injury or want a really firm massage, book a remedial or deep tissue massage.  Not all therapists are able to perform these massages, and if you’ve booked a relaxation massage it will be a gentler treatment.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up – if the room is too hot or cold tell your therapist, including during the treatment if your needs change.
  • If the pressure is too firm or too light, just let your therapist know.  Although if you have booked a relaxation massage you may not be able to get a super firm massage so be mindful of that when booking.
  • Our massages do not include the breast or stomach area, but if there are any other parts of your body you don’t want touched including the scalp, please let your therapist know.
  • Take advantage of the down time and add-on a softening foot treatment and multi-task while you relax
  • Drink plenty of water after your massage.  The treatment will have increased the circulation and signaled your body to release toxins which you want to flush out of your system.
  • If you’ve got an ache try an anti-inflammatory topical treatment such as No Paine afterwards
  • Remind yourself how good it feels and book the next one.  Regular massage can really help to alleviate stress, help with sleep, free muscle tension and make you feel great.
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