Open Pores

What causes open pores? Pores can become clogged with oil and dead skin cells over time. When the oil oxidizes by being in contact with the air it turns dark and becomes more visible. The bad news is that you can’t completely get rid of open pores once the skin is stretched, but there are lots you can do to stop them from getting larger and make them look less noticeable.

  1. Use good skincare products that increase the levels of collagen and elastin which will help prevent the pores from stretching.
  2. Keep the skin clear of oil and dead skin cells through exfoliation – things to watch for are products containing alpha hydroxy acids (eg glycolic) and chestnut extract to exfoliate, and Salicylic acid which penetrates the oil and helps clear out the pores.
  3. Other key ingredients are retinol products to decrease oil production and hasten your skin cell’s turnover, and topical Vitamin C can help minimise the appearance by causing the skin around the pores to swell slightly.
  4. IPL provides an immediate benefit in reducing the appearance of open pores and is a sure bet for improved texture.
  5. Deep cleansing professional facial treatments will give the pores a thorough exfoliation and clean out.
  6. Good skin care habits – taking off all your makeup at night and not popping or picking at pimples will also help.
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