Top party-ready skin tips

The next month for many of us we are going to make up for a year of lockdown and restraint and party like it’s… well… 2020.  

Here’s our best hacks for party ready skin:

  1. Drink plenty of water leading up to the event.  It will mean your skin is hydrated and it helps with keeping the skin look firm, plus it also helps to flush out any toxins.
  2. If you are looking particularly pasty after a winter without sun, you might want to apply a self-tanner before hand.  But now is NOT the time to try it for the first time – do a trial run the week before to make sure you’ve got the tone and application down pat.
  3. The goal is glowing skin and that means hydrated skin.  Start with a cream cleanser and we recommend a double cleanse.   Try Dr Babor Ultimate Repair Cleanser, Bioelements Moisture Positive Cleanser or Synergie Biocleanse 
  4. Slough off that top surface layer with a gentle exfoliant such as Bioelements Measured Micrograins or Organic Nations Black Rice Scrub.  You might like to try the pro-tip of using heat by applying a hot (not scalding hot – temperature test it on your wrist first) face cloth to your face for a minute or two first.   Then using circular movements and working upwards and outwards on your face gently slough off dead skin and any build up, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  5. If you have time, pop on a hydrating face mask.  We love Bioelements Radiance Rescue – the perfect pre-party mark for radiance (and it’s a pretty pink).   This will sooth the skin but help really give you that great finish.
  6. Hydrate some more with a serum with hyaluronic acid that helps to fill out any fine lines and plump up the skin to give it a youthful glow.  We love Synergie SuperSerum, Babor Hyaluron Serum and Bioelements Moisturex10.  Work the serum into the skin well with upward strokes to get maximum benefit.
  7. Use a lightweight moisturiser to banish dryness that can make skin look dull.   Bioelements Absolute Moisture is always a winner, and for drier skins Synergie Reclaim and Dr Babor Collagen Booster Cream.
  8. A jade roller is a great tool for releasing muscle tension in the face and also stimulating the circulation to increase blood flow.
  9. If you have a tendency to shine or alternatively want to add a sheen, consider a primer.  They say it is a crime not to prime!   We love the COOLA SPF30 Mineral Make-up Primer.
  10. And make-up.  Now is NOT the time to try something new.  There’s nothing worse than trying to remove make-up and ending up with streaks and smears and dark shadows from a failed experiment.    We like to start with eye make up first to make it easier to clean up any stray makeup before applying foundation.  You also might like to use a highlighter on brow bone, cheek bones and upper lip line but less is more.

Have a great time and remember to keep drinking water to keep the toxins at bay and to feel good the next day!

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