Top Tips to De-Stress

Sometimes the build up of stress feels like a volcano about to erupt.  Before you blow your top, try these simple tips to manage your stress better:

  • Make a list, and prioritise into what really needs to be done now, what is important but doesn’t need to happen today, and what you can afford to delay a little longer.  Be aware that most of us choose the tasks we like doing first, sometimes avoiding the things that we really need to get done, which then causes us more stress when we get behind and it becomes an emergency.
  • Stop and BREATHE.  In moments of intense stress, we shallow breath and deprive our body of the oxygen it needs.   One minute of deep breathing filling your whole diaphragm not just your chest and letting all the air escape can help breathe in happiness, breath out stress.
  • Get Moving.  Even it is a couple of minutes to walk around the office or house, or even better outside, just a quick break from the task at hand can give you perspective and refresh you.  Regular exercise is also proven to reduce stress levels, so if you can hit the gym or go for a jog, it is preventative medicine.  Really stressed?  Go for a round of boxing and let it all out.
  • Don’t over cram your day.  Yes you may have time to squeeze in an extra task between tasks, but that could leave you running late and contribute to more stress.  Allowing breathing space!
  • Lay off the multi-tasking and focus on the most important thing to get done, then move on to the next thing.  You’ll end up with more finished tasks than a whole bunch of semi-complete ones.
  • Schedule some me-time.  Make your well-being a priority and enjoy every day.  A regular massage can do wonders in releasing tension and stress, helping screen-hunch posture and also aid in better sleep.
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