Travel internationally has been off the agenda for many for a while, but with the possibility that our borders will reopen soon, here are a few tips to prepare for your next adventure in these Covid times.

  • Take a digital thermometer – it is a quick and easy way to detect a fever.  It is recommended that you take your temperature after you rise in the morning, before activity.  You will pretty quickly establish your “normal” and know if anything is out of whack.
  • Get KN95 masks – available on Amazon.   Overseas we’ve seen that people aren’t using cloth masks much anymore, and these KN95 have a nose clip, venting and are “reasonably” comfortable to wear, being good for approx 10-12 hours at a time.  Particularly important for flights and confined spaces at the moment.  You could probably wear a pretty mask over the top!
  • Purse sized hand sanitizer – shop for a brand that won’t be as harsh on your skin
  • Rapid antigen tests – quick way to put your mind at ease and are more readily available overseas on arrival if you can’t get here
  • Probiotics – a huge part of your immunity system is in your gut, so a healthy gut is a good defense in staying well on your travels
  • Vitamin C and Zinc – help to fight infection if you are exposed
  • Betadine – this iodine based throat gargle we find really effective to kill germs at early stage of colds etc.  Unknown if it works for Covid but it’s small and worth packing to fight off the common cold

If you end up having to isolate, you may be happy to have these onboard:

  • Travel yoga mat – some of these weigh as little as 1.2 kg and roll into nothing
  • Blue tooth speaker – if you are in your room all day music makes it sweeter
  • Room spray – hotels aren’t always the most pleasant smelling and a small room spray can lift your mood
  • Tissues/throat lozenges

Travel is a whole new normal in these times and not as simple as it was, but still full of amazing sights, joyous reunions and life changing experiences.  The challenging part is moving through countries where a negative Covid test is usually required, and if you have forward bookings it becomes quite stressful knowing that everything topples over if you do test positive.   One stop holidays might be the way to go for a while, or avoiding having too much booked in advance that has cancellation penalties.

Travel well