What can I do to prevent aging? Be sun safe

– Wearing sunblock

– Not smoking

– Enjoying life and how great your skin looks right now!

Your best friend in the war against prematurely aged skin is sunblock.  Not just when you go to the beach or outside for extended periods of time (we know you ALL do that don’t we?) but also just the everyday application that can save you from early wrinkles, brown spots, weathered looking skin – everything that is ok when you are 80 but not too crazy about when you turn 40.   Driving the car and enjoying the sun beating through the windscreen on a beautiful day – fantastic – but those rays will find you so make sure that your sunblock is on not just your face but also the backs of your hands (such a forgotten spot until it is too late).  If you are one of the smart ones who do apply your sunblock every morning (we love you) don’t forget it won’t last all day.  If you take a walk at lunch or are driving in the car you need to top it up.   You want an SPF with at least a 30 factor.  In New Zealand sunscreen SPFs are not regulated so you need to make sure you are buying a reputable brand that does actually delivery the SPF it promises.  Also watch out for what else is in there – particularly if you are applying to your face.  You all know to reapply after swimming or exercise.  Chemical and organic sunscreens such as COOLA provide the most natural safe protection, but you may also continue a sunscreen with antioxidants and other ingredients that will protect your skin but also assist it to repair.  BABOR and Bioelements both offer great options that you can find at Forme Spa.  We love the new COOLA spray that you can apply over your make-up to refresh and top up your SPF protection at the same time.

It’s not just your lungs that you need to worry about and other internal organs when it comes to smoking, your skin plays a really high price too.  We aren’t going to lecture you on this one, it’s your choice.

And enjoy your skin at the stage you are at.  When we are a teenage we often have breakouts and wish for clear skin that we hopefully get and before we know we are worrying about lines and ageing.  We believe it’s all about making your skin look and feel healthy and the very best it can for the age you are at.



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