What do I wear during a facial or massage?

If you are new to the spa scene, it can be quite daunting to know what to expect when arriving at the spa.  Relax – that is what spas are all about!  A good spa will always have your modesty and comfort at heart during the treatment.   You will normally be asked to remove your footwear and clothing and retain your undergarments, but it does depend on the spa and what treatment you are having.  You should never be left to feel exposed.  When you are having a massage, your therapist should uncover the area they are working on, and use draping techniques to ensure your modesty and comfort are protected during the treatment.  For facials, it is more comfortable to remove your garments and be given a wrap or spa garment before you get into the bed.  When waxing, therapists generally work on the area concerned at the time.  For more information on the Forme Spa standards click here.

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