The face behind the brush: Xander Holliday on art, self-care and combining both for endota

With the fitting surname of Holliday and brightly coloured artworks to match the joy and cheer of the season, Australian artist Xander Holliday makes his endota packaging debut with this year’s limited-edition Christmas gifting range. His artwork also features prominently throughout our festive campaign.

We spoke with the New South Wales artist ahead of the range’s launch on all things art and self-care, including his top present picks that might just help you with your seasonal shopping.

Can you describe the meaning behind each of the artworks that feature across our Christmas campaign: Summer Sun, Ancient Protea and Time & Space?

Summer Sun is a celebration of the Australian summer and beach culture, in a fun and vibrant composition. A patchwork of iconic summer references including sun, surf and sand.

Ancient Protea references one of the oldest plants known to man, the protea. A sun rises over the horizon and mimics the radiating petals of the protea flower. A reminder of how ancient nature is and also the blessing of the sun rising on a new day.

Time & Space invites the viewer to look through a portal into another world where symbols of another time sit across a vast landscape. This imaginary place is an escape to an otherworldly view.

Summer Sun by Xander Holliday

Time & Space by Xander Holliday

Ancient Protea by Xander Holliday

Ancient Protea by Xander Holliday

What are you hoping to receive for Christmas this year and what’s on your gift giving list from the limited-edition range?

The 12 Days of endota Advent Calendar is the ultimate! It has everything you need to have the endota experience right at home. I am hoping Santa has put aside one of these for me for some summer self-care. 

The Travel Diffuser kit and Skin Saver pack are fun gifting ideas that I’ll be taking advantage of. They are great value for money and will look perfect under the tree. I can think of many friends and family members these would be suited to!

What was your reaction when you first saw your artwork across our limited edition Christmas gifting range and campaign?

It was a huge proud moment to see my artwork used across the Christmas campaign. It’s great that people want to use my work in a collaborative way and seeing it ‘out in the wild’ is surreal. I love that my work can get into the hands of many this Christmas and help spread joy. 

Our campaign is about nourishing and nurturing your loved ones and people in your life. How do you nourish and nurture yourself so you can in turn nourish and nurture those around you?

Self-care is an important part of modern life and taking the time to nurture yourself is not only essential for your physical wellbeing, but also your mental wellbeing. I have found that a bit of self-care helps me be more present for those around me.

A walk each morning helps me clear my head and build a to-do list for the day. On weekends in the summer we love trips to the beach complete with books, snacks and refreshments. This summer I am wanting to do more nature walks and hikes to help nurture this practice. I think spending time in the natural world helps me feel more grounded while giving me the chance to reset. It also provides great inspiration for new ideas, mentally collecting colours and shapes for my art along the way.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

After many years of working though the Christmas period, I am very, very grateful to now have the tradition of having time off. It’s a great reset after a busy year and an opportunity to catch up with my family and friends. Everyone is increasingly busy, so these moments to relax and reconnect have become my new favourite part of the Christmas period.

The limited-edition gifting range featuring Xander’s artwork is now available to shop in spa and online, while stocks last.

hydration duo bon bon

A holiday bon bon with our Signature Blend Hand Therapy and Hydrating Lip Balm.


hands and feet duo bon bon

Hydrating hand and foot creams, in a festive bon bon.


define & shine pack

A gua sha and facial oil set to sculpt and nourish the skin.


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