You have helped to change a life

For the last couple of years we have been blessed to be given the opportunity to help a group of young women in Cambodia, via the Cambodia Charitable Trust.   The spas each have a “little sister” who we fund to support them and their families to have a better chance at life.  Each time you visit one of our spas you are helping us to help them.

When the Trust first started working in Cambodia many of the children (especially girls) they were meeting were not completing their education past year 9. Not only are most of our sponsored girls completing their education to year 12 now, but there are currently 35 sponsored students who are attending tertiary education. This includes two girls studying medicine (one in her 3rd year), two studying law and the other students studying a variety of subjects such as accountancy, management, administration and more. Education empowers children and transforms their lives.

You have helped to change lives and that is something we think is worth celebrating.

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