Are massages actually good for you?

We often make the mistake of thinking that a massage is a ‘treat’ and something we don’t really deserve. Taking time out just for ourselves is perhaps something we feel a tinge of guilt for. Here at Forme Spa we want to change that perspective. It shouldn’t be the case. You absolutely deserve it!

Making time ourselves is SO important – it gives us more clarity, calmness and means we also have more energy to give to others if we’ve managed to enjoy some quality ‘me-time’ first and foremost.

Aside from the obvious benefits of giving time back to yourself, here are three reasons why incorporating massage into your weekly or monthly schedule can do you a world of good (and hugely benefit your health and wellbeing!)


Massage helps manages stress

The primary objective of our massage treatments at Forme Spa is to provide a deep sense of relaxation, help recalibrate energy levels and help with managing stress. Putting aside time on a regular basis to enjoy a massage helps to lower cortisol levels, helping you to unwind. Deep relaxation provides time for the body and mind to relax, recover and rejuvenate, therefore having a positive influence on stress levels.


Massage helps ease aches & pains

Massage has long been known to support aches, pains and inflammation in the body. Therapeutic massage may relive pain to increase blood flow and reduce muscle tightness. Areas of tension or bands of rigid tissue can block circulation and cause inflammation. Getting to work on these areas through the use of various massage techniques helps to flush lactic acid out of muscle tissue and work toward relieving built up areas of tension.


Massage assists with improving sleep

After a massage, your muscles have been worked and manipulated (just like a tough workout!) Reducing tension in the body, both mentally and physically, allows the body to then rebalance. This may mean you feel slightly tired after a deep tissue massage on ocassion. There are also many other physical responses within the body after a massage, one of which is an increase in the production of Serotonin which works wonders for helping you to relax. This increase in Serotonin can then later be converted into Melatonin, helping you to unwind and enjoy a good nights rest.


Do yourself a favour and book yourself in for some quality ‘me-time’ with one of our expert massage therapists. Feel the difference.


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