Do Less

Effortless, easy, on-the go. When time is limited, Sometimes less is more.

As Coco Chanel (known for her elegance and style) once said – “Before you leave the house, take one thing off.”

Here are our go-to tips for a fuss free approach to health, beauty and wellbeing.


Morning rituals.

Our morning non-negotiables. If there’s three key things you remember to do for yourself in the morning, try giving these a whirl:


Minimal makeup.

As much as we love to get dressed up and go all-out every now and then, we absolutely love a minimal, less-is-more approach. It gives our skin a chance to breathe and soak up all our delicious skincare treatment products.

Our go-to products for a minimal look:

  • Tinted SPF for dewy (& sun protected) skin. Our favourite clean beauty product is the COOLA Rōsilliance® SPF 30 BB+ Cream
  • Creamy blush on the cheeks (& lips!)
  • A quick slick of mascara to give definition to the eyes


Grab & go.

When it comes to healthy eating – it’s the preparation that is always key. Having healthy snacks accessible and on hand for when temptation and hunger sets in upon us. Our favourite snacks to have available when we’re short on time and want something easy to pop into our handbag include:

  • Fruit! Bananas, apples, berries – you name it. There’s no preparation time other than remembering to pack them in your bag – a win-win.
  • Avocado. An avocado really can transform something basic into something delicious. Whether it’s on crackers, toast, an addition to your salad, or to pop into a smoothie we’re a big fan.
  • Nuts. Delicious as they are, or as a nut butter on vegetable sticks or as a nice addition to a smoothie or salad.
  • Dark Chocolate. For those with a sweet tooth, there are days that arise where we simply must have our sweet fix. Having some dark chocolate on hand always has that slightly ‘more healthy’ element (& more antioxidants) than your everyday standard chocolate. We’re into it.


A moment for you.

Giving your body some time and attention is always important. There’s short yet effective exercises and tools that can really upgrade your day in just a few moments. Some of our favourite ways to reset include:

  • A little stiff? Upon waking, set yourself into child’s pose. This restorative pose is a gentle, yet effective stretch for your spine, hips, shoulders and back. It’s one way to start the day with a sense of calm while focusing on stretching the body after a nights rest.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Take 30 seconds to focus on breathing deeply. It’s amazing what a deep diaphragmatic breath can do for your physical and mental state. Take a breather. Hit reset.
  • Feeling tired? Try lying on your back and extending your legs and feet up the side of the wall. Doing this exercise helps improve blood flow to the rest of your body and a little boost to the upper body and head which results in a refreshing rebalanced feeling.


We’re all about uncomplicating and simplifying a few moments in our day where we can!

Little things can make all the difference.

Love, the team at Forme xx


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