Best treatments for after gym recovery

So you have worked hard at the gym, you have gone the extra mile, pushed that little bit further, and are now so sore all you can think about is a good spa treatment!  Here are some of Forme Spa & Wellbeing’s best options to soothe those muscles and rejuvenate yourself so you are in tip-top condition for your next work out:

My first suggestion would be to choose something that is warming to the body, to help flush out excess lactic acid build up from your muscle fibres and reduce recovery time – melting away that tight achy feeling you can get post-work-out.  Hot Stone Massage will be just the ticket, utilising gently-warmed basalt rocks throughout your massage coupled by your therapist’s expertly trained hands to relax your muscles – goodbye aches and pains…

Or how about hopping in your own private hydrotherapy shower/steam capsule (Albany only) prior to a detoxifying body wrap – really feel your body tension float away under the relaxing dim lights, wrapped in warm blankets and soaking up the aromatherapy scents from the beautiful masks and body scrubs.

If that hasn’t ticked anything on your list, why not just go for the tried-and-true pedicure with a Babor luxury facial – you can’t go past layers of warm facial towels, foams, ampoules, coupled with deep tissue massage from your shoulders to your scalp and shiatsu pressure points.  Plus walking out with revived tootsies from your pedicure, you are all ready to slip into your running shoes the next day a new person!

Author: Emma Mason, Forme Spa & Wellbeing.

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