Should I wear make-up to the gym?

Should I wear make-up to the gym? Short answer: NO! Here’s why…

Why do we sweat? The main reason is to cool our body down to stop it from overheating. The other HUGE reason is that our skin sweats (especially when we work out)  because that is your body’s way of detoxing itself. Bonus right!? YES! Through our sweat, our bodies release proteins, fatty acids, sodium and chloride concentrations, potassium… the list goes on. BUT, If this is left sitting on the skin it can lead to breakouts, skin sensitivity, rashes, milia… need I say more!

When we wear make-up to the gym, not only we are preventing the effective release of these toxins from our skin, but the makeup creates a barrier. By blocking the release from the pores in our skin, it allows these toxins to sit in the pores causing a toxic build up on the skin’s surface, leading to dullness and congestion. It also reduces the cellular activity and oxygenating of cells resulting in dehydration, fine lines and accelerated ageing.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to purchase a gym-bag friendly cleanser like Bioelements Flash Foam  (with exfoliating AHA’s from Pineapple and Papaya)   which is in a plastic container (great to chuck into your gym bag). Follow with a light moisturizer like Bioelements Absolute  (balancing the skin’s water to oil ratio) and your skin will be good to go for your gym session.

Regular monthly facials will also help to improve the breathability of your skin, especially a microdermabrasion treatment @ $120, an Oxygen facial @ $165 (Madonna’s a fan!!) or, if you’re after a little more pampering, the Babor Ultimate Vitamin C Facial will give an intense cleanse whilst restoring the skins glow and health using a 20% strength Vitamin C serum massaged into the skin.

Available at most Forme Spa Locations

So Come On! If you’re going to exercise your body and mind, exercise your skins right to breathe and let your natural beauty shine.

Author: Paula Olsen, Forme Spa & Wellbeing.

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