Do you brush? Your favourite new self care ritual.

Dry brushing is a technique using a firm-bristled brush to exfoliate the outer layers of dry skin. Starting at the feet and working in a clockwise circular motion, you work the brush up your legs, torso and arms – finishing at the neck. Move gently over areas that are sensitive or hold lymph nodes like armpits.

Dry brushing is important during Winter as we tend to wear more layers, are exposed to heaters, sweat less and lose excess moisture. It is harder to stay as hydrated, and the lack of humidity means our skin can become dry or dull. Dry Brushing helps to exfoliate away excess layers of skin that haven’t had a chance to naturally fall away. Exfoliating these layers means the detoxification of the skin has a chance to work more effectively with the lymphatic drainage, and the unblocked pores means moisturiser we apply will be more effectively absorbed.

Dry brushing is best done in the morning before you shower to stimulate the blood flow and increase circulation in the body. After showering, use a good quality moisturiser to hydrate the skin all over the body. Your skin will be feeling smooth, supple, hydrated and fresh.

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