Giving Back

We feel we have a social responsibility to help those in need, and wanted to share with you how we do this.

Our primary charity is the Cambodian Charitable Trust, where we sponsor 10 girls and their families to have better opportunities in life.   Without support, many of these girls would otherwise be forced due to the family financial circumstances to leave school at a young age, and undertake menial jobs to help support the family.  Some end up in prostitution and in desperate situations.  The Cambodian Charitable Trust works within the communities to provide the financial means and support for these girls to stay at school and get an education, which greatly enhances their prospects.  The Spas are allocated a Little Sister who they mentor and it is so rewarding see how the girls take full advantage of the opportunity and work hard to excel at school.   Read more here about a Day in the Life of one of our Little Sisters.

For several years we have also been working closely with a hospital providing some small relief to the parents of children with terminal illnesses.  We know we won’t make the pain and heart ache go away, but we can offer them our care and make them for nurtured with a massage in one of our spas and it has been incredibly humbling receiving the feedback from the medical team on how it has made a difference.

We also work with several local charities and schools providing prizes for auctions to help with their fund raising efforts.   Obviously there are a lot of requests for this type of donation and we do what we can within our sponsorship policy, trying wherever possible to support those where there is a short chain from donation to the beneficiary of the donation.

We can’t change the world, but we can do our bit where we can.

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