Which facial is best for me?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to facials.  Every skin is just as unique as every person.  We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions and work best with our guests by discussing their skin concerns and what they hope to achieve, then making a recommendation.   While we appreciate that facials are uber relaxing, we believe that we should not only be sending you to a state of zen but that we should also be giving you a difference you can immediately see in the mirror with glowing skin!  But there are some broad guidelines that can help.  If your skin is congested, a peel can help clear and we recommend the Synergie BHA Peel that uses Salicylic Acid (a great ingredient for congestion so look out for that one), or the Clarity Oxygen treatment that combines a powerful anti-bacterial serum with oxygen to clear the skin (available selected spas).  If your skin is looking dull and coarse, a lactic peel could be the answer as it not only removes the dull surface layer it adds a lot of hydration as well.   Concerned about pigmentation and brown spots?  Vitamin A is a great choice here with the luxe Dr Babor A16 facial .  An uneven skin appearance can become more even with the use of Vitamin C, and the Synergie Suprema-C medi-facial does just that.   Wanting some radiance?   There is plenty to go for here as many facials help with this, but some of our favourites are the Bioelements Radiance Rescue Facial and the Oxygen Radiance treatment .   For when you want to bring out the big guns, you can’t go past our Power Combo that combines three powerful treatments into one, and every facial just gets better when you add on a LED treatment to stimulate collagen and boost radiance.  If you’re looking for a natural choice, make sure you are still getting results by choosing a natural/organic range that harnesses powerful ingredients from nature such as Organic Nation.  And if that is all too daunting, your friendly professional therapist can come to the rescue and create the perfect recommendation for you.   Never be afraid to ask questions as to what is in the products being used, and what the active ingredients are.  It’s your face and you have a right to know!

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