What causes pores to clog & what to do about it?

Despite their somewhat negative association, pores are normal and healthy, not to mention essential to skin function. They are simply tiny holes in the dermis from which sweat can emerge. They’re always open – that’s why we are able to sweat.  Because of this, you can’t get rid of pores themselves, or make them ‘close’, but you can minimise their appearance.

Two things can make pores appear larger and more noticeable. One is sagging or slack skin, which means the pores are not supported by a firm and youthful skin structure.  Products like Bioelements Plump Start help support the skin and make it, well, plump.  

The other is clogged pores – when the pore itself contains excess oil, dirt or dead skin cells. This gives the appearance of darker dots on your skin, as what’s inside the pore oxidises (turns black) when exposed to the air.  Using a good cleanser every day is the first start, but to deal with the build-up you need more.  You can choose a manual exfoliant such as a scrub or a leave on exfoliant that helps dissolve the blockages, usually using a lactic or glycolic acid.   

Clogged pores can be caused by heavy makeup, bacteria, sweat, excessive oil production and even hormones. The good news is that with facial treatments and professional skincare products, you can solve this common skin issue.


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