The top 5 things that make your skin look aged – and what to do about them

Dry Skin

Due to hormonal changes, skin becomes less oily as we age, so we lose some of that natural moisture that gives our skin a supple, plump look. Skin can look crepey and fine lines are more obvious – skin has lost its ‘bounce’. The good news is that treating your face with a daily surge of moisture is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make it look instantly fresher and more youthful. Consider upgrading your moisturiser as you age. You don’t necessarily have to go for heavy creams – think smarter, not richer. Babor Hylauron Cream is lightweight yet boasts a unique combination of three types of hyaluronic acid (which all boost hydration) to give instant radiance.


Uneven pigmentation

 Due to a lifetime of sun exposure as well as hormonal shifts, skin loses its uniform hue as we age and often shows darker patches, hyperpigmentation and age spots. Birth control pills and pregnancy can exacerbate these patches. While we often think of wrinkles as the key signifier of age, uneven pigmentation is just as significant, and arguably, easier to remedy. A regular regime of professional skincare containing vitamin C is your best course of action, as well as dedication to a high protection sunscreen every day (even in winter, even on your hands). We highly recommend our Even & Bright Synergie Skin Fit Programme, a series of three treatments specially designed to address hyperpigmentation.


Fine Lines And Wrinkles

A fact of life and ageing, these are usually the main focus of any anti-ageing skincare regime. Time and time again, Vitamin A (retinol and other variations) has been proven the best defense when it comes to boosting skin density and minimising the look of lines. When it comes to Vitamin A skincare, you may have to gradually build up to higher strengths (side effects in the beginning can include redness and flakiness until skin is acclimatised). We love Synergie Accelar-A, which has its own unique form of Vitamin A that’s more bioavailable, very powerful but also potent, non-irritating and stable. As well as your regular vitamin A, it’s a great idea to add an additional serum with peptides, antioxidants and growth factors.
Try: Synergie Super Serum, an advanced peptide formula that helps to reverse cellular ageing and repair DNA.

Bioelements Plump Start Serum, all you need for a massive antioxidant boost.

In salon, we love the Oxygen Line Treatment which infuses the skin with oxygen for an instant line-diffusing effect.


Dull Skin

Cell turnover slows as we age, so we naturally lose that fresh-faced radiance. The good news is that this is one of the simplest issues to fix. It’s all about exfoliation, to ensure your skin is free from the dead skin cells and debris that dull its surface. When it comes to exfoliation, we’re not talking about the grainy scrubs of old. These can scratch and cause microtears in the skin. Look for chemical exfoliants, that rely on alpha and beta hydroxy acids to dissolve the dead skin cells and reveal a smoother complexion. If you prefer the feeling of a physical exfoliation, choose one that doesn’t contain microbeads or anything rough. Biolelements Pumice Peel is excellent – its smooth, lightly granular texture provides a manual microdermabrasion. In-salon peels or microdermabrasion treatments are both great options here – your Forme facialist can tailor these to your skin’s needs.


Dark Under-Eye Circles

The bane of many of our lives – these often seem unrelated to the amount of sleep we get, yet give us a tired and drawn appearance. When we age the fat pads around this area decrease, highlighting the issue further. Here skin can benefit from a boosting circulation and skin brightening treatments. A dedicated eye cream can make a real difference – Babor Dual Eye Solution boosts microcirculation and reduces the look of dark circles. When having a facial, don’t forget our special add-ons, Biolements Shut Eye Mask (for hydration) and Babor Refreshing Eye Treatment (for tired eyes) to give eyes some TLC.


Note: If you’re committed to a real change in your ageing skin, the best option is our Skin Rejuvenation Programmes, especially Age Defy Plus, a series of medi-facials and light treatments plus a skincare plan.

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