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Male face mask

It’s great to see so many guys taking care of their stress and well-being with a massage in our spas.
But there is still a gap in appreciating the need for skin care and skin treatments.   While some men have a more oily skin that can be a little more resistant to ageing, it does not mean that soap in the shower is the right skin regime.

We get it – you may not want to do something girly.  In 18 years I don’t think we’ve heard a guy say he didn’t enjoy one of our skin treatments for men.   Unfortunately you will find it super relaxing.  Sorry for that.  As well as rebalancing your skin and treating concerns caused by shaving, sport, and sun, you will see an improvement in your skin appearance.

Here is what to expect.  The Bioelements Skin Treatment for Men includes a thorough double deep cleanse and then an exfoliation combined with steam that can help with blocked pores and ingrown hairs.  Problem solver serums and a mask treatment address skin issues, with tension in the jaw and temples being released with a facial massage.   End result – restored skin vitality.

There are also options for a heavier exfoliation with a peel or microdermabrasion, which can be helpful for scarring and skin damage.

We also highly recommend an at home  routine – even if it is just the basics of a cleanser such as Organic Nation Citrus Foaming Cleanser or Synergie Ultracleanse or BIoelements Flash Foam Cleanser to wash away sweat from exercising and daily grime, together with a good sunblock such as Synergie UberZinc.  Sunblock needs to be reapplied during the day when outside golfing, boating, exercising.    Depending on your unique skin we can then add other elements if needed.

Remember you have only one face.  Yes a rugged man can be a handsome one, but one with a dull, sun damaged skin, not so much.


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